“Stella” Plaid Crop Top

Last summer, I read Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith. I finished it in 3 days. (Not kidding. It’s good.) It’s a your typical girlfriend-and-boyfriend-get-accepted-to-different-colleges-and-drama-happens YA book.


Clare and Aidan live in the Midwest and are about to go away to two different colleges: UCLA and Dartmouth, on opposite sides of the country. They are trying to figure whether they should stay together or break up instead of dealing with a long distance relationship. The night before it’s time to go their separate ways, they get all nostalgic, going back to the diner where they had multiple dates, and back to the high school.

Forget them.

Clare has a best friend Stella, who is very sarcastic and outgoing and she’s described as wearing all black. (I can relate.) Though I’m not exactly like her (she is go with the flow and outgoing, I am always planning and making lists), she is the character I identified with when I was reading. (Even though I’m more like Clare’s personality, Type A.) Style-wise I could definitely see Stella wearing black combat boots and ripped black jeans. But as Stella, I decided to wear a red and black checkerboard top.

Making the crop top: I went heart eyes for a plaid crop top online so wanted to recreate it for Stella’s character. This crop top is Burda pattern #127. Too bad… this pattern is discontinued now. PSA: While I love Burda’s style selection, the only thing that honestly sucks about their online-only patterns is printing it on a lifetime supply of paper and then taping it all together. Kinda ghetto.

This cute checkerboard flannel fabric came from a local hole-in-the-wall fabric store (you rummage through piles of random fabric). It’s a pretty easy pattern to sew, but the sizes weren’t that accurate (Burda, step up your game). I cut out the smallest pattern size and the arm size ended up being too small, which is weirlovelaur-crop-top-checkboard-flannel-detaild because I got sticks for arms. I added 2 inches around and still, it’s sausage casing on my arms.

I also made a modification to the back. The pattern called for leaving the back open with just a button and a loop, but I don’t like showing off my spine so I sewed it up.

I paired the crop top with some black high waist pants with rips in the knee (Forever 21), black tattoo choker + handbag (Brandy Melville), shiny black combat boots (Barney’s New York), and cat-eye sunglasses (Urban Outfitters).


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