“Lara Jean” Kimono

One of my favorite books is To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. Amazon recommended this book (Thanks Amazon). My first thought was “this looks like a cute book.” 1) I like the cover because there’s a ASIAN chick on it (ok, she’s actually half Asian in the book), 2) Her room is cute, and 3) It’s written by an ASIAN author. What are the chances?

15749186The main character is Lara Jean, a petite girl who is very sweet and quiet, and tries her hardest to see the best in people. She keeps a lot of things to herself. She writes love letters to boys that she likes but never sends them out. She pours out her heart and soul into these letters to get over the boy. (What an interesting way to get over a guy. But seriously, not the safest idea.) So one day, the letters somehow reach these boys. I won’t say how or what happens next. I’m no spoiler.

Making the kimono: Lara Jean loves fashion especially girly vintage clothing (some are Asian-inspired). Personally I’m not into those girly things, but I do like Japanese fashion. So I made this kimono one summfashion-gray-white-kimono-sketch-lores-bloger in a sewing class. It was one of the first sophisticated pieces I made compared to simple skirts and tote bags. I used New Look pattern #6378 that I found online. 😉

I bought this ikat fabric at Stone Mountain & Daughter, where I took sewing lessons (the class program has been canceled though). There’s hella grandma fabrics in there, but always some cute stuff, like their tribal/ikat patterned fabrics.

I paired the kimono with some shiny black combat boots (Barney’s New York), skinny jeans and a gray top (Forever 21). I can totally see Lara Jean wearing this.


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