A Day In LA

My family and I were in Southern California for a three day weekend, but we only had one day in LA. So we tried to squeeze as much as we could, except pretty much everyone else had the same plan. We wanted to go to the Broad Museum, but the wait was over 2 hours to get in. We skipped it and ended up at Melrose.

Melrose wasn’t exactly the best shopping (for me), but it was good for inspiration. There were yeezy-dressed up people in oversized clothing and sneakers. Girls layered up in paper bag dresses with cute berets. (Not sure I could pull off that look.) People were taking outfit pictures against street art or the florals at Joyrich or inside the Palihotel (including me).


For lunch we had Taiwanese food at Pine & Crane in Silverlake (very cute with hipster Asians working there). We tried the beef roll, zha jiang noodles, pea sprouts, beef noodle soup, and twice cooked pork. It’s not the type of place where you can have lunch for 2 hours, it is eat and go…which is fine because we had more things to do!


Since we couldn’t get into the Broad, we checked out the Hauser Wirth & Schimmel gallery (my mom’s idea). Jason Rhoades’ art was on exhibit–and it was so cool. Lots of neon lights tied to other objects, but also rooms that looked like they were filled with a bunch of random things found around the house (but hey, that’s art). It’s really about interpretation/story/philosophy behind it and what the artist is trying to convey to the audience.

Ah donuts on stick remind me of bagels on a stick in iCarly!
Not my parents
Not my brother




From the gallery, we walked over to Urth Cafe. It was pretty crowded but we found a table in a room that was filled with police officers having lattes, sandwiches, and cake. I couldn’t stop staring at one of them that had a bruised eye. Wonder how he got it.



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