“Rachel” Plaid Pants

I binged-watched aplaid-pants-ll 10 seasons of Friends on Netflix within 2 months (last summer, not during the school year). It is hands down one of my top 3 favorite shows. My mom and I enjoy watching it together. She was in high school and college in the 90s and this was one of her favorite shows. Apparently she and her friends even had “The Rachel” haircut. If you haven’t seen Friends, it’s a must watch!! I loved the humor, style, and personalities, but I wish there were more POC.

While Phoebe was my favorite character on the show, I liked Rachel’s outfits. She wore a lot of plaid pants and skirts and I’ve wanted a pair of plaid pants for a long time (a whole 2 months!).

Making the pants: This week’s sewing project is inspired by Rachel. The outfit is paired with Stan Smiths (Adidas), a plaid jacket (Crossroads, Berkeley) and a quilted crop top (Nordstrom Rack). I made these pants with plaid polyester fabricplaid-pants-details from Stone Mountain & Daughter and used Burda pattern 6770. The pattern’s smallest size was a 10, which was way too big for me, so I made the seam allowance wider at the hips, taking the sides in by 2″ on each side. I’ll admit, I wish I did a better job on the stitching at the waist (not my finest work). The pants are a-line on the right. I was a little iffy about what it would end up looking like–but I think it makes it more interesting.



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