“Tris” Sweatshirt

Laughing. Reminiscing. Jumping. Climbing. Remember whens. This is what happened when I was taking pictures of my friend Amaria for this post. We’ve been friends since the 1st grade, but after 8th grade we ended up going to different high schools.

For Amaria I put together a look inspired by Tris from Divergent (the series) by Veronica Roth. Divergent is similar to the Hunger Games series since both are set in dystopian worlds. In Divergent people are split into factions and when they get older they can choose a new faction or stay in the one they were born into. But people who are special and carry different abilities are considered “Divergent.”

If I had to chose a faction for Amaria I’d say she was “Divergent” like Tris. Tris was born into Abnegation (kind and giving people)–and Amaria is one of the most caring and selfless people I know. And when Tris has to choose a new faction, she chooses Dauntless. And like Tris, Amaria is strong, adventurous, and not afraid to try new things. I mean, Amaria is a level 9 gymnast!

Making the sweatshirt: This quilted sweatshirt is made with the pattern Sewaholic 1507 and fabrics from Stone Mountain & Daughter. For the most part, sewing it was easy, even though the contrast parts were stretch knit. I chose to make a gray sweatshirt because gray is the color for Abnegation and if you’re going to be doing daring things (Dauntless) I figured a sweatshirt works.

Speaking of daring things…last year for our 8th grade camping trip, we spent a week at a ropes course. On the last day Amaria and I did the “friendship walk” together, where two people climb up a tree onto a tight rope. You face each other and hold each other up with your hands and walk sideways as the tight line splits further and further apart. (We have harnesses and helmets of course!) You keep going until you can’t hold each other up anymore and just fall forward suddenly like spies dropping chest down into buildings in the movies. It was awesome.


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