“Jess” Romper

Originally I had planned to post another project, but let’s just say shipping takes forever (thanks Simplicity).

Having sewn zero things last weekend, I pulled out one of my old projects that I had finished during the same summer I’d made the “Lara Jean” Kimono. I was pretty proud when I made this denim romper in my class at Stone Mountain & Daughter.  At first, I was nervous about sewing it because it was a one piece and made of denim (I had only sewn cotton before that). I got the denim at Fabric Depo (not a typo), this cheap shop, but it’s closed now. I chose to make a romper because I was really into rompers then and I was also tired of sewing tote bags. I used the Simplicity Pattern 1355.

When it came to styling the romper for this post, I could not think of
any characters from books, movies, or shows that I knew. I asked my mom for help and she was like, “What about New Girl ?” I hadn’t seen it before so I watched a few episodes. I liked the show’s humor and how quirky Jess is (Zoeey Deschanel). I could totally see Jess wearing this romper.

To make the romper even more Jess-like, I styled it with a short sleeve button up (Zara, from my
mom’s closet), a vintage cardigan (my mom got in a thrift store in the 90s), and nude flats (Jasper & Jeera). And what better place to shoot Jess’ style than at an antique store? 🙂 In my small town, there are literally so many antique stores, so I had plenty to choose from. This particular one had a lot of mini room vignettes (think IKEA rooms, but all vintage). If Jess had her own apartment, it would                                                                                                            probably look like this.


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