“Wilderpeople” Cropped Sweater

Directed by Taika Waititi, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is such a sweet and super funny movie. It’s like a cross between Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson and Up, the Pixar movie.

You may not have heard of this movie because it’s a New Zealand film. I hadn’t either until I heard my little brother and my mom laughing in the living room a couple weekends ago. I went over to see what was so funny and they were watching this movie. Apparently my little brother randomly found it on Hulu and pressed play to see what it was about. The movie was so good that I ended up joining them on the couch to watch. Ricky Baker (one of the main characters) is an adorable kid–and there’s an even more adorable Ricky Baker birthday song in the movie, too.

This look is not inspired by a specific character but by the overall aesthetic of the movie. Most of the story takes place in the wilderness as the two main characters, Uncle Hec and Ricky, hide out and rough it. At one point both of them are wearing Brawny-looking plaid jackets.

For this top, I used the Burda 6850 Pattern. I originally saw the plaid wool at Discount Fabrics in Berkeley when I was buying nylon for my windbreaker. Actually both my mom and I saw it, but we had different visions for it. She wanted to make new chair cushions covers with it. I was thinking I’d wear it one day. After watching this movie, I went back to see if the fabric was still there…because I wanted to make a top inspired by the movie! I styled this look with Vans and vintage green cargo pants (J Crew).


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