“April” Shorts

“I declare everything you are saying is stupid.” – April Ludgate

Parks and Recreation is FULL of humor and dorky-ness. All 7 seasons are amazingly funny. (It’s now Hulu and Netflix, but first aired on NBC.) I started watching this show a couple years ago, the summer before eighth grade–one episode every night with my mom and brother before we went to sleep.

April Ludgate (played by Aubrey Plaza) starts off as an intern in season 1 and over the 7 seven seasons you love her character more and more. She very relatable. She is full of dead pan humor.

Since she wears a lot of button up and cardigans to work, I put together an outfit inspired by her workwear. 2017-04-No10-Blue-Anchor-Shorts-April-Ludgate-DetailI made these tie-waist shorts the same summer I made the kimono, t-shirt dress, and romper. The fabric is from Stone Mountain & Daughter. And I added some lace trim from Fabric Depo. I used the New Look Pattern 6100 (it was part of a Project Runway collection).

When I picked out the fabric, I thought the anchors were cute, reminded me of Crew Cuts (kids version of J. Crew). And it worked out perfectly because April has a J.Crew-ish style. Who knows, maybe I’ll wear this outfit again one day when I’m an intern!


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