Month: May 2017


“Carrie” Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Back in the 6th grade when I’d have sleepovers at my friend Georgia’s house, she’d introduce me to shows on Netflix. One night she showed me Carrie Diaries, and I loved it. When I told my mom about the show, she said it was the younger version of Sex in The City, a show she used to watch. Problem was I didn’t have Netflix at the time …so I forgot about the show. It was one of the first shows I started binge-watching when we finally got Netflix a year later. Carrie Diaries is about the life of young fashion-forward Carrie Bradshaw (played by AnnaSophia Robb). She works in Manhattan, but lives and goes to high school in Connecticut. Over the 2 seasons, you see her grow from a teenager to a young woman..and all the choices she makes along the way. When I was looking through pattern books at Stone Mountain and Daughter, I saw this oversize off the shoulder dress pattern (Cynthia Rowley 8124) and immediately thought CARRIE DIARIES.  The pattern was very straightforward, so I made most of it without looking at the instructions. But …


“Andy” Skirt

When I asked my friend Zai what her favorite TV show or movie is, she didn’t have to think long. She knew right away–Pretty In Pink. I hadn’t watched it, but I had watched 16 Candles (same time, same main actress). So of course, I made it my homework to watch the film. Pretty In Pink is about a high school girl Andie, played by Molly Ringwald, who is an outsider at her school, both style-wise and socially. She is stuck in a love triangle, one guy is a sweet admirer and the other a sensitive player. There’s a lot to be inspired about in the movie. Pinks. Florals. Romance. Of course, I had to make something floral since Andie wore a lot of floral garments. I chose to make a skirt because Andie’s feminine style. I found a heavy cotton fabric with bold florals at Discount Fabrics and made the skirt with the Burda 7016 pattern. This skirt required an invisible zipper, which I had only sewn once, two summers ago when I had a teacher to help me out. …