“Andy” Skirt

When I asked my friend Zai what her favorite TV show or movie is, she didn’t have to think long. She knew right away–Pretty In Pink. I hadn’t watched it, but I had watched 16 Candles (same time, same main actress). So of course, I made it my homework to watch the film.

Pretty In Pink is about a high school girl Andie, played by Molly Ringwald, who is an outsider at her school, both style-wise and socially. She is stuck in a love triangle, one guy is a sweet admirer and the other a sensitive player.


There’s a lot to be inspired about in the movie. Pinks. Florals. Romance. Of course, I had to make something floral since Andie wore a lot of floral garments. I chose to make a skirt because Andie’s feminine style.

I found a heavy cotton fabric with bold florals at Discount Fabrics and made the skirt with the Burda 7016 pattern. This skirt required an invisible zipper, which I had only sewn once, two summers ago when I had a teacher to help me out. But thanks to Youtube for helping a girl out, I was able to do it…but I had to take it out twice because the stitches were too close the first time and the second time it was backwards. Oops.2017-No11-Flare-Skirt-Pretty-In-Pink-Invisible-Zipper

dancing the thizzle dance
“senior portraits”

I asked Zai to bring a button-up shirt to wear with her skirt. When she came over, I asked, “What’s that on your neck?” And she said, “A broach. My mom told me they used to wear them a lot when they were young.” I checked with my mom, and she said that she wore them, too, back in the 80s! Good thing Zai’s mom gave it to her because Andie wore them too. We completed the look with a black velvet shrug and black sandals. But actually in one picture, Zai tried out an army green cropped jacket.

My mom drove me, Zai, and our friend Brookie around the old, industrial part of our town to find a spot to take pictures. In front of an old clock tower, we saw these old vintage cars–it was perfect! But there was an event going on. Brookie was our styling assistant and our lookout. We tried to be fast because thought we were crashing a wedding…but turns out it was just a school auction with a 20s theme.

This shoot was one of my favorite shoots yet.


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