West Coast Craft Summer ’17

I skipped last week’s post because it was finals week, but I’m happy to say freshman year of high school is over (but bittersweet)! AND IT’S FINALLY SUMMER BREAK! Normally I would have slept in the first weekend of break, but I got up extra early to go to West Coast Craft. I thought it was the best year yet for the show. The last time I went everything looked the same: denim, indigo colored/dyed, and lots and lots of BRASS. Well, there was still a lot of brass this year but still…it was better.

West Coast Craft is a weekend event and creatives showcase their goods in booths. It was good for style watching. I saw a lot of people (both sellers and buyers) wearing some fire outfits–cropped wide-legged pants, overalls, ankle-length jackets, and layering. I should’ve taken some pictures of the outfits, but it was so crowded.

In front of the the building there were food trucks and a farmers’ market.  At J Shack you can create your own crepe or they have different types of sweet or savory crepes to choose from.

My friend Maya and I went to J Shack to split a crepe that had nutella, strawberries, bananas, and green tea ice cream. IT WAS HELLA GOOD, but probably too early in the morning to be eating it though hah.

Once we got in, we scoped the place out and walked around to all the booths to take notes on what we liked. Then we walked around a second time to pick up a few things we did like and were in our price range… a lot things were pretty expensive!

Cute booths:

MOON COLLECTIVE — A lifestyle brand based in SF/Honolulu.

love their booth & peep the painted air force 1 high tops
pick ups for father’s day…want that shirt for myself lmao

moon-collective-sf moon-collective-booth-sf-west-coast-craft

LEISURE RULES — A clothing brand also based in SF

i really liked this simple embroidered champion crewneck
some hoodies


STUDIO LOS ANGELES: (they currently don’t have a website but their instagram is @shopstudiola )

(I was inspired by these pants. I want to make something like them)

J’AIME LABEL — curated vintage items, absolutely love

I copped these vintage sunglasses, and I’m in love with them!

Going to West Coast Craft made me so inspired to make things and sell them. Maybe I’ll apply one day!


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