60’s Inspired Skirt

Whenever we go to Discount Fabrics, my mom and I always split up since the store is pretty huge and it would take forever to look through it by myself. She pulled out this woven vertical striped fabric and I thought that it would be good for a matching top and bottom.

So I ordered the dress pattern (Burda 6511) and cut it in half so I could have a separate top and bottom. I added a 7″ invisible zipper in the back of the top and a 14″ invisible zipper in the back of the skirt. But it didn’t feel complete.

Then while shopping at Urban Outfitters I saw a similar outfit on a mannequin. It was a crop top and skirt with vertical stripes; but both pieces had a contrast band on the bottom on the shirt and at the skirt’s waist band. Using that as inspiration, I added a forest green contrast band to both my top and waist  band.



… the whole outfit together was absolutely terrible. And I didn’t realize it until I had unpacked it and tried it on in New York. I also realized that I hadn’t sewn the top correctly either. It was very unfitted. So I scrapped the outfit and went for a 60s/70s vibe since the colors of the skirt reminded me of that time. Plus I’ve been obsessed with my 60s mod sunglasses lately (#cloutgoggles lol). I paired the skirt with a vintage yellow long sleeve (which my grandma wore in the 60s!), stan smiths, and retro sunglasses that I got from J’aime Label (seen in West Coast Craft ’17).


ps. i’m very excited for the next project i’m sewing!!


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