Color Blocked Windbreaker

At the beginning of summer I was sketching in my fashionary notebook. One thing I drew was this jacket with primary colors. I really wanted to bring this to life somehow as a windbreaker. So I ordered a vintage pattern (McCall’s 4902) on Etsy that was close to the look of my jacket. And while I was in New York, I explored the garment district and bought some blue and yellow ripstop nylon at Mood Fabrics and even made a custom zipper at Botani Trimmings, where they matched the yellow fabric. I was stunned! Once I got back home, I was so excited and got right to work on the jacket.


Process: Since the pattern wasn’t exactly a match with my sketch, I had to make some adjustments. For the stripe along the sleeve, I made them 1″ thick with a 5/8″ seam allowance on both halves of the sleeve so that the addition of the stripe wouldn’t make the sleeve bigger. It actually turned out great, which was good… because there was no going back once I split the sleeve in two!


modifying sleeves to have that yellow stripe down the middle just like my sketch

After sewing the sleeves to the front and back pieces, I realized the jacket looked like my school’s band jacket! Oh no. Unacceptable. So to change things up, I used an extra scrap of pink nylon from “Ashley: Windbreaker” as an accent on the right sleeve. It also helped bring it back to the original sketch which had red accents on the collar and cuffs. I also used yellow thread so it could pop more.

07-2017-Sewing-Fashion-Coloredblocked-Windbreaker-Process-Sleeve-Sewing 07-2017-Sewing-Fashion-Coloredblocked-Windbreaker-Process-Sleeve-Pink-Accent

there is drawstring at the bottom too!

The shoot:

My best friend Maya is modeling the jacket and my friends Martin and Branden provided the photography. (Branden shot the images in Wide Legged Silky Satin Pants too). We shot around the Cal campus (UC Berkeley), exploring the area. We went into cool music stores (good aesthetic, but the lighting was terrible), got boba, popped into shoe shops and thrift stores–and took photos along the way.

all images of maya, shot by martin b.


I am very proud of this jacket because of how clean it is! I made it in 2 days, along with a pair of silk pants (which we also shot in Berkeley.) I’m hyped to show it to you in my next post along with the changes going on to my site. I’m currently remodeling it and working on a new vibe for my posts!


Maya, styled with:
Kendrick Lamar DAMN. Long-sleeve
Black Jeans

Featured image (top):
edits by lauryn
pool photo by lauryn
left photo by branden
right photo by martin b.

instagram- iwantgrails

no links for martin ;'(



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