Satin Brocade Pants

At West Coast Craft I saw a pair of silk floral-pattered pants–it was pretty expensive. But it gave me inspiration to make my own version of the pants but with satin brocade.

When I was in New York I began searching for the fabric at Fulton Fabrics (great place for cheap fabrics) in Brooklyn, but the version they had was too thick, for upholstery. And at Mood Fabrics, I just couldn’t find any! But when we got to Soho/Chinatown we came across Pear River Mart and they had a bunch of Asian-style fabrics. The yellow satin brocade curtains hanging on their wall caught my eye. I found the roll and it was $14 a yard, which wasn’t too bad since I only needed 2 yards. They had other nice patterns and colors, but they some were hella expensive or wouldn’t look good as pants.

the fabric section in pearl river mart
shot by martin b.



I used Burda Style 7058 for the pattern, but I used an invisible zipper instead of a regular pant zipper so it would be cleaner. My last experience with making satin pants didn’t turn out as well and I definitely learned from that. But I am very proud of these pants– the seams are clean and there is no puckering and they fit nicely!

pinning invisible zipper
invisible zipper in left side seam
sewing pant legs together

The shoot: 

We shot the image below in Berkeley. My friends Branden (who shot the silky satin pants), Martin (who shot the color blocked windbreaker and the photo below), and Maya (who modeled the color blocked windbreaker and the turtle neck) came with me.

shot by martin b.
shot by meg i.

We didn’t get enough photos while I was out with my friends, so I got to shoot these pants again (in shot above) but this time locally with my mom.


I am styled with:
look one-
Cropped black Sweater – Zara
Lace Up flats – Nordstrom
look two-
Jean Jacket – H&M
White Tee – Missguided

Featured image (top):
edits by lauryn
tree photo by lauryn
featured image by meg i.

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