Corduroy Overalls Dress

I started wearing overalls a long time ago. I mean, when I was a baby my parents used to dress me up in overalls and a matching denim bucket hat! This year I finally fit my mom’s denim painter’s overalls from the 90’s and I love them.

I wanted to try making overalls myself, but as a dress using corduroy. While searching for fabric in New York, I couldn’t find any corduroy even at Mood! When I came back to the bay, I went to my usual, Discount Fabrics. They only had 2 colors of corduroy but I really liked this grey-ish/purple-ish corduroy.



I used burda young 6538 for my pattern. Before starting I decided that I was going to put actual overalls buckles. (I got mine from Botani Trimmings in New York). I made some adjustments to the pattern. I made the silhouette more boxy instead of bell-shaped. I changed the straps so they were longer and less thick by finishing the edges by folding 1/4″ inwards. I also put the pockets on the sides instead of the front like a sweatshirt pocket.

another invisible zipper
pockets according to intsructions
instead i put the pockets on the side
the front part
the back part
strap according to pattern was too chunky so i had to scrap it and make my own
straps, redesigned
the back



The shoot:

08-2017-Sewing-fashion-Corduroy-Overalls-dress-side-profile  08-2017-Sewing-fashion-Corduroy-Overalls-dress-no-jacket-3  08-2017-Sewing-fashion-Corduroy-Overalls-dress-arms-crossed


PS. I made a new handwritten logo!

I styled myself with:
Striped Long Sleeve-  Zara
Vintage Fila Shirt- Brooklyn Flea
Camo Jacket – Forever 21
Stan Smiths

Featured Image:
Edit – me
Featured photo – meg i.
Background – me

4 thoughts on “Corduroy Overalls Dress

  1. Great job, please keep sewing. I learned to sew when I was 15 on my aunt’s manual Singer sewing machine. You many have seen them the ones with the peddle on the bottom. It took forever to sew anything. Lol! I wish you the best in sewing adventures.


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