Camo Cargo Pants

Camo pants have been trending in street style lately. When I searched for them, I couldn’t find ones I liked or I couldn’t find ones that were my size. So I had an idea, “Why not make my own!” but it was just an idea I kept in the back of my head.


While sifting through Discount Fabrics as usual, I was picking up corduroy for my Corduroy Overalls Dress. Next to the corduroy there were different options of camouflage! I picked the blue one since it was more different oppose to the green, yellow, orange and black/white ones I’ve seen everyone wearing lately.


pattern & pinning

I used the pattern: new look 6055. It was super simple. Making the side pockets was kind of difficult but I learned something new! I didn’t make any adjustments this time besides not putting elastic at the bottom. I just left it as a regular hem. If I find drawstring I might add it on the inside of the hem.

The Shoot:

My friend Martin who has shot for me multiple times before, shot these pants for me. Conveniently we did it local in the same area I usually shoot a lot of my pieces in; which will probably be the last time we shoot there for a while.




07-2017-Fashion-Sewing-Blue-Camo-Cargo-Pants-Back-Profile 07-2017-Fashion-Sewing-Blue-Camo-Cargo-Pants-Front 07-2017-Fashion-Sewing-Blue-Camo-Cargo-Pants-Pockets-Side-Profile-Detail


I am styled with:
Air Max 90s Pinnacle – color violet ash
black shirt – H&M

All Photos by Martin b.
Featured image edit by me
Pink background photo: rookie august collage kit

Check out my rookie august collage here 5/25🙂

p.s. i have a new handwritten logo 🙂

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