Spring ’18: Coveralls

Finally. My. Own. Pattern.

I can call myself a self-taught designer now! For years, I used pre-made patterns and I thought it would take much longer to figure out how to make my own. But from using so many, I was able to study how they’re made. It ended up being a pretty intuitive process when I constructed my own pattern: coveralls!

i wore my coveralls to glossier’s opening weekend in sf. i got many compliments 😉

When I visited the Glossier showroom in NY last year and I saw the employees wearing pretty pink coveralls. I immediately wanted a pair for myself! But it had been almost a year, and I still hadn’t gotten one. So for my first pattern, I thought I should try to make my own. Even though coveralls would be a big project, I figured it was just a button-up top and pants put together. And I’d made both in the past, so it couldn’t be that difficult, right?

All studio photos by: Martin B.



To begin, I sketched a design for the coveralls. I was inspired to make a 3-panel back after seeing it on a jean jacket. Since I’d sewn pants before, creating the bottom part was easy. The only research I had to was watch a video on how to make a notched collar (that was new to me).

I drew all my pattern pieces on tracing paper. But before I could use the pattern on my final fabric, I had to make sure that the pattern worked–that the pieces would match up and fit me with the proper seam allowance. I cut the pieces from muslin and sewed the pieces together. I was shocked that it all worked! But I did have to do some adjustments: make the waist band thinner, the upper collar longer, and the sleeves wider and longer. Those were easy adjustments to make.


My pattern includes a middle back panel, a back yoke, back side panel (2),  front pant leg (2), back pant leg (2), a waist band, pant pocket (2), front pieces (2), front facing (2), sleeves (2) and upper collar (2).

I didn’t want to copy Glossier completely and make pink coveralls, but I did like pastel colors. (I’ve been into balancing chakras so tranquil colors are balancing.) While looking through the thick cotton selection at Discount Fabrics, I really liked this pastel blue tone.






Instead of going to a location I wanted a studio shoot with a solid backdrop. My room gets really nice light during the morning so I ordered some rolls of seamless paper, used some props in my house, picked up some greenery, and turned my room into a photography studio. I got to shoot with Martin once again. This is one of my favorite shoots we’ve done yet.

I’m so happy with my very first design! While putting this look together, I became inspired to create 4 more cohesive looks to make a mini collection. I thought it would be a good challenge for me. I liked the work-wear style of coveralls paired with the calm vibe of pastel blue. So for the rest of my collection, I’m making clothes for a hard working girl who is trying to bring more tranquility into her life–that’s something I aspire to be. I’m already working on the next design: a jacket. I hope my idea plays out just as well as these coveralls.


*All studio photos by: Martin B.*

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