Spring ’18: Cropped Jacket and Oversized Paper Bag Pants

Here we are, look #2: a cropped yellow jacket with key rings on the sleeves and textured high-waisted over-sized paper bag pants with a long belt. My friend Semira who I’ve known since middle school was such a great model–she was a natural!!

I first talked about this collection in my post for Coveralls (look #1): It’s all about a hardworking woman having a balanced life with peace and tranquility.

“Hardworking” is shown through elements like the key rings in the cuffs (from Ace Hardware), the structure and rigid lines of the jacket, and the sneakers she’s wearing. The soft pastel yellow of the jacket and the loose, easy-going pants represent “peace and tranquility.”

all photos by Martin B.
darts on the back of the pants and cuff detailing

I wanted to make an everyday jacket with a tough, motorcycle jacket feel. I used key rings again they were inspired by the coveralls. For the pants, I used a white, textured cotton and included a side zipper so it’s easy to take on and off.  I added a matching extra long belt for a streetwear vibe.


The process:

I made my own pattern for both pieces. To double check if they worked well, I made samples again using muslin. Initially, the jacket was too cropped so I had to make the middle pieces longer; and the crotch was too short on the pants (camel toe is a no!). I also did a lot of topstitching on the jacket, and I’m starting to feel more comfortable doing so.


For fabric, I went to my favorite place, Discount Fabrics, and bought a sturdy pastel yellow cotton. Originally I was looking for pastel pink but there weren’t any in the shade that I was looking for. For the pants, I bought a white cotton with a mini herringbone pattern.


For the jacket I made these pattern pieces: facing (2), cuffs (2), band, sleeves (2), collar, back yoke, front pieces (2), and a middle back piece.

Then for the pants I made these pattern pieces:  back pant legs (2), front pant legs (2), pockets (2), belt straps, waist band, and belt loops.

front pleating and side details with an invisible zipper


This was another studio shoot shot in my room on a sunny Sunday morning–this time with a roll of pink seamless paper.  Of course Martin B shot this.

I am so happy with how everything is going for this collection! Look #3 coming your way soon.


ps. Did you see the love, laur clothing label in the featured image? 🙂



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