Spring ’18: Matching Set and Clear Jacket

The final look of my mini spring collection! As you know, this collection is about hard work balanced with tranquility and peace.

all photos by: Martin b.

The color for the matching set is inspired by Green Calcite crystal, a mental healer that alleviates negative thoughts and helps restore balance to the mind. It’s my favorite crystal to meditate with when I’m feeling stressed or I need let go of things that I can’t control. In the featured image, I placed the calcite on the stool 🙂 This crystal works perfectly with the theme.

I designed the pants to be cropped and loose, to let your legs breathe especially if you are running errands. The pants are also super fun to dance in.

Inspired by one of Vogue’s instagram captions, “forget may flowers it’s about april showers,” I added a raincoat. I made it with clear vinyl so you can see the set. It also gives it a “avant garde” vibe.


For the jacket, I designed a front, back, sleeves, and 2 piece hood to make the pattern.

For the top, I made a back piece, straps, 2 side pieces, and a middle part. And for the bottom, I made it super simple with just front and back pieces with a waist facing. This top gave me a chance to practice my button holes and I think I’m getting better.


I’ve got new projects in the works for summer! But first, a break. As much as I love to work, I need some tranquility. 🙂

I hope you like the last look!


all photos by: Martin b. 

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