Styles Inspired from Scream Queens and Heathers

So I’m going back to how I originally started Love, Laur: creating designs based on my interpretation of characters in books and movies. But what I was really doing was representing these characters as people of color because I hadn’t read about or seen people like me.

all photos by martin b.

Scream Queens
Inspired by the horror-comedy series Scream Queens, I created this first look based off of Emma Roberts’ main character, Chanel Oberlin. The show stars Ariana Grande, Lea Michele, and Keke Palmer (the only person of color). I used to watch it in middle school and most of the characters didn’t look like me or my friends. Throughout all of the horror, the girls managed to dress in preppy, pastel boujee clothes–like fur coats, dresses, heels and ear muffs!

scream queens collage made by me on photoshop

My best friend Maya models my “Chanel Oberlin” look, a strapless dress with camo sensibility (representing darkness and horror) with a thrifted white button up underneath for a preppy sophisticated element. I added sparkly Adidas socks, vintage heels, and a vinyl bag is from Urban Outfitters.

It was my first time making a strapless dress. You can’t tell because of the camo, but it consists of 15+ pieces to make it form-fitting with an invisible zipper in the back. I definitely struggled a bit with the fitting but in the end I was proud of my first strapless dress.


The second look is inspired by the movie Heathers from the late 80s starring Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer. Like Scream Queens, it’s a dark comedy. I don’t get sick of watching it over and over. I loved the style of the movie, how the Heathers wore color-coordinated outfits with wide-shoulder plaid blazers and the low neckline of the dresses and overalls.

heathers collage made by me on photoshop

I took inspiration from Veronica’s outfit in the collage above, an off-the-shoulder long sleeve paired with a low-neckline dress. I also made a long plaid coat inspired by the blazers worn by the Heathers.

The off-the-shoulder top took some thought. I looked at my own off-the-shoulder shirt and how the pieces fit all together. The dress, which is made with wool fabric, was easy to make and I adore the pattern. The coat on the other hand was difficult because of the notched collar, which I got better at but I still need to practice.

I styled this look with white socks, Chooka sandals, and Urban Outfitters sunglasses. The cotton string bag is from my mom’s closet. 😉

details on the back

I chose to use earth tones for these 2 looks to represent the raw and realness; that’s also why I chose to not use any make up either. I styled both these looks with socks and heels/sandals for a comfy-cozy vibe because “if you feel good, you look good.”


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