Air Puffer Vest

Since I’ve been busy with school, I thought it’d be nice to take a break and sew. I love a good puffer jacket during the winter and I also love transparent things, so I sketched out an air puffer jacket. It’s an “air” puffer because I planned to make it with organza and no stuffing. But as I made the body pieces, I thought it looked really cool as a vest.

all pictures taken by film photographer and good friend sam socorro

When I made the pattern, I quadrupled the size of the body pieces to get the puffer effect. I sewed 3 lines across each piece and carefully pulled on them which cinched them. To finish the edges, I overlocked them and folded them in. I chose not to add ant buttons or a zipper because it would’ve weighed it down.

I styled the air puffer vest with a white ribbed turtle neck (zara), wide legged pants (thrifted), pink tinted sunglasses (amazon), and pink nike mk2 teknos.


I did this shoot with my friend Sam Socorro. Sam shoots film, and I was too hyped for our first shoot! It turned out so great 🙂 I also had another friend, Dakota Lim (shadycola), who did a behind the scenes video of the shoot! click here to check it out on instagram.


This puffer vest is one of my favorite designs so far and I hope to work again with Sam and Dakota!


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