Hi, I’m Lauryn. 15 years old.  From the bay area. Gorgeous state of California.

I started sewing when I was 10 at a summer class at Stone Mountain & Daughter in Berkeley. On the real though, I did not like it at first. Other kids were faster, didn’t have to undo their stitches, or go super slow to make the easiest thing: a straight line! It was just a summer hobby. Didn’t really take it seriously. But then…as I took more classes and practiced, making skirts and tops instead of pillow cases, I began enjoying it more. Now I sew at home on the weekends with a Euro-Pro sewing machine (a gift from my aunt) and a Brother 1034D serger.  I started using patterns and then editing them. Now I finally make my own designs. After using so many patterns and studying them I was able to teach myself how to make my own patterns. For some of my posts, I’ve combined my interests like fashion and books. I try to find a character I identify with or that reminds me of one of my friends. Sometimes I just pretend I’m the stylist or costume designer for the movie of version of the book.

In addition to fashion, I’m interested in books, design, art, women’s rights, film photography, psychology, and travel.

My goal is to post once a week on Thursdays. I hope you enjoy my blog!



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