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Rei Kawakubo – Comme des Garçons

On the top of my list of things to do while we’re in New York is The Met. The special exhibit I wanted to see was “Rei Kawakubo – Comme des Garçons – Art of the In Between.” We didn’t waste any time when we got there. My mom, brother, cousin, auntie, and I went straight up stairs to the exhibit. It was beyond crowded and noisy in there. People talking and crowding around the different collections. I really loved how each collection was named, like “Child/Adult” or “Birth/Marriage/Death” and how some were more hidden. The whole room was white, so everything really stood out. My favorite collections:   love, laur     Advertisements



“YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE THAT I GET LIKE…YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE THAT I GET LIKE, GET LIKE THIS FOR.” This is how I lost my voice the next day. Singing at the top of my lungs at Kehlani’s Sweet Sexy Savage tour concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. The concert was a night to remember. An open air venue on a warm night. Singing and dancing with my best friends, Maya and Kailani, and also other strangers around us. Kehlani was amazing and so were her openers. It was a perfect way to start summer. But before the show began, there was plenty going on. While we were in line we saw Noodles drive past the line slapping SOB’s Anti. A couple of girls were drinking as much alcohol as they could cause they couldn’t bring it in. A group of girls were playing SOB, HBK GANG, P-Lo, and other Bay Area artists. It was obnoxious but even more obnoxious were the girls talking straight mess about the music. “SOB is trash.” “My friends …

West Coast Craft Summer ’17

I skipped last week’s post because it was finals week, but I’m happy to say freshman year of high school is over (but bittersweet)! AND IT’S FINALLY SUMMER BREAK! Normally I would have slept in the first weekend of break, but I got up extra early to go to West Coast Craft. I thought it was the best year yet for the show. The last time I went everything looked the same: denim, indigo colored/dyed, and lots and lots of BRASS. Well, there was still a lot of brass this year but still…it was better. West Coast Craft is a weekend event and creatives showcase their goods in booths. It was good for style watching. I saw a lot of people (both sellers and buyers) wearing some fire outfits–cropped wide-legged pants, overalls, ankle-length jackets, and layering. I should’ve taken some pictures of the outfits, but it was so crowded. In front of the the building there were food trucks and a farmers’ market.  At J Shack you can create your own crepe or they have different …