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Homecoming Dress 2017

I know… I haven’t posted in forever! Since the beginning of school year I had been looking forward to homecoming. During the summer I thought what dress I’d make. But I had been over thinking it. I drew sketches and wasn’t happy with any of them.  Then a couple months ago I decided to do a simple slip dress. I wanted to make my own pattern, but it was too risky because the only patterns I know how to make are tops. (I will definitely learn how to make more of my own patterns though.) I picked the Simplicity 8413 pattern and choose this beautiful plum colored velvet with subtle polka dots from my favorite place a.k.a, Discount Fabrics. (I love how the ladies who work there recognize me because I’m there so often.) Despite being simple, the dress was actually somewhat difficult. I made some design changes and also had to make necessary adjustments. Originally the pattern  had a curved neckline, but I made it straight instead. I took out the front facing because …

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Square Neck Cami

I figured it’s about time I ventured out and made my own patterns. So I started off with something super simple: a tank top. When I was in New York a couple months ago, I got a couple yards of yellow cotton from Fulton Fabrics and also some fun yellow braided trimming from Botani Buttons and Trimmings. (Um, did I mention my favorite color right now is yellow??) I wasn’t sure what to do with it all… but I figured the trimming could be some cool straps for a tank top. I practiced making my own pattern by tracing a square neck tank top on some pattern paper. I added 3 inches to the side seams of the traced tank top since this cotton doesn’t stretch. Then I added facing to the width of the top front and back. I also used bias tape for the arm hole. I think I did a pretty good job considering it was my first time making a pattern and making a tank top. There are definitely some lessons I …

Camo Cargo Pants

Camo pants have been trending in street style lately. When I searched for them, I couldn’t find ones I liked or I couldn’t find ones that were my size. So I had an idea, “Why not make my own!” but it was just an idea I kept in the back of my head. While sifting through Discount Fabrics as usual, I was picking up corduroy for my Corduroy Overalls Dress. Next to the corduroy there were different options of camouflage! I picked the blue one since it was more different oppose to the green, yellow, orange and black/white ones I’ve seen everyone wearing lately. Process: I used the pattern: new look 6055. It was super simple. Making the side pockets was kind of difficult but I learned something new! I didn’t make any adjustments this time besides not putting elastic at the bottom. I just left it as a regular hem. If I find drawstring I might add it on the inside of the hem. The Shoot: My friend Martin who has shot for me …


Corduroy Overalls Dress

I started wearing overalls a long time ago. I mean, when I was a baby my parents used to dress me up in overalls and a matching denim bucket hat! This year I finally fit my mom’s denim painter’s overalls from the 90’s and I love them. I wanted to try making overalls myself, but as a dress using corduroy. While searching for fabric in New York, I couldn’t find any corduroy even at Mood! When I came back to the bay, I went to my usual, Discount Fabrics. They only had 2 colors of corduroy but I really liked this grey-ish/purple-ish corduroy. Process: I used burda young 6538 for my pattern. Before starting I decided that I was going to put actual overalls buckles. (I got mine from Botani Trimmings in New York). I made some adjustments to the pattern. I made the silhouette more boxy instead of bell-shaped. I changed the straps so they were longer and less thick by finishing the edges by folding 1/4″ inwards. I also put the pockets on the …


Satin Brocade Pants

At West Coast Craft I saw a pair of silk floral-pattered pants–it was pretty expensive. But it gave me inspiration to make my own version of the pants but with satin brocade. When I was in New York I began searching for the fabric at Fulton Fabrics (great place for cheap fabrics) in Brooklyn, but the version they had was too thick, for upholstery. And at Mood Fabrics, I just couldn’t find any! But when we got to Soho/Chinatown we came across Pear River Mart and they had a bunch of Asian-style fabrics. The yellow satin brocade curtains hanging on their wall caught my eye. I found the roll and it was $14 a yard, which wasn’t too bad since I only needed 2 yards. They had other nice patterns and colors, but they some were hella expensive or wouldn’t look good as pants.   Process: I used Burda Style 7058 for the pattern, but I used an invisible zipper instead of a regular pant zipper so it would be cleaner. My last experience with making satin pants didn’t turn out as …


Color Blocked Windbreaker

At the beginning of summer I was sketching in my fashionary notebook. One thing I drew was this jacket with primary colors. I really wanted to bring this to life somehow as a windbreaker. So I ordered a vintage pattern (McCall’s 4902) on Etsy that was close to the look of my jacket. And while I was in New York, I explored the garment district and bought some blue and yellow ripstop nylon at Mood Fabrics and even made a custom zipper at Botani Trimmings, where they matched the yellow fabric. I was stunned! Once I got back home, I was so excited and got right to work on the jacket. Process: Since the pattern wasn’t exactly a match with my sketch, I had to make some adjustments. For the stripe along the sleeve, I made them 1″ thick with a 5/8″ seam allowance on both halves of the sleeve so that the addition of the stripe wouldn’t make the sleeve bigger. It actually turned out great, which was good… because there was no going back once I split the sleeve in …


60’s Inspired Skirt

Whenever we go to Discount Fabrics, my mom and I always split up since the store is pretty huge and it would take forever to look through it by myself. She pulled out this woven vertical striped fabric and I thought that it would be good for a matching top and bottom. So I ordered the dress pattern (Burda 6511) and cut it in half so I could have a separate top and bottom. I added a 7″ invisible zipper in the back of the top and a 14″ invisible zipper in the back of the skirt. But it didn’t feel complete. Then while shopping at Urban Outfitters I saw a similar outfit on a mannequin. It was a crop top and skirt with vertical stripes; but both pieces had a contrast band on the bottom on the shirt and at the skirt’s waist band. Using that as inspiration, I added a forest green contrast band to both my top and waist  band. But… … the whole outfit together was absolutely terrible. And I didn’t …


Rei Kawakubo – Comme des Garçons

On the top of my list of things to do while we’re in New York is The Met. The special exhibit I wanted to see was “Rei Kawakubo – Comme des Garçons – Art of the In Between.” We didn’t waste any time when we got there. My mom, brother, cousin, auntie, and I went straight up stairs to the exhibit. It was beyond crowded and noisy in there. People talking and crowding around the different collections. I really loved how each collection was named, like “Child/Adult” or “Birth/Marriage/Death” and how some were more hidden. The whole room was white, so everything really stood out. My favorite collections:   love, laur    


Silky-Satin Pants

First off, two exciting things, 1) I sewed satin for the first time and 2) this post features a “guest photographer” – not my mom or dad! I’ve wanted a pair of neutral colored silk pants–it’s been popping up everywhere. One of my favorite silk outfits that I’ve seen was on R&B artist Jhene Aiko in an all-silk look. (Some of my favorite songs of hers are: Bed Peace, The Worst, Selfish, and her TWENTY88 songs.) Making the pants:  I used the Burda 6636 pattern and  made a lot of adjustments. No seam down the center front and back of each pant leg. I wanted the pants to be a little less fitted, so I made the seam allowance 1/4″ instead of 5/8″. Instead of placing a zipper, I closed the center seam and put elastic around the waist. I increased the front and back waistband’s width so I could have a casing for 1 inch elastic. I used silk in the dress in my last post and it was pretty expensive–so I couldn’t afford another …


“Carrie” Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Back in the 6th grade when I’d have sleepovers at my friend Georgia’s house, she’d introduce me to shows on Netflix. One night she showed me Carrie Diaries, and I loved it. When I told my mom about the show, she said it was the younger version of Sex in The City, a show she used to watch. Problem was I didn’t have Netflix at the time …so I forgot about the show. It was one of the first shows I started binge-watching when we finally got Netflix a year later. Carrie Diaries is about the life of young fashion-forward Carrie Bradshaw (played by AnnaSophia Robb). She works in Manhattan, but lives and goes to high school in Connecticut. Over the 2 seasons, you see her grow from a teenager to a young woman..and all the choices she makes along the way. When I was looking through pattern books at Stone Mountain and Daughter, I saw this oversize off the shoulder dress pattern (Cynthia Rowley 8124) and immediately thought CARRIE DIARIES.  The pattern was very straightforward, so I made most of it without looking at the instructions. But …