Style Inspired From Sixteen Candles

As I mentioned in my previous post, Styles Inspired From Heathers and Scream Queens, I’m looking at characters from books and movies and reinterpreting them as people of color (again, as I did when I started this blog).

16 Candles collage by me

When I think of 16 Candles I immediately picture Samantha (Molly Ringwald) in her pink tulle bridesmaid’s dress. So I decided to create a look based off of it.  Originally I made a pastel pink mini skirt with pleated tulle over it, but it did not look good–so I made the skirt into a tube top. I was skeptical at first, but I like the way it turned out.

all photos by gabe hilton

I’ve been sewing custom tube tops (a side gig), so it was fun to make one from tulle with a metal zipper in the back. My friend Azaiah models this look. (She also modeled another Molly Ringwald look for me in 2017 inspired by Pretty In Pink). I styled this look with flowing green pants and brown wedges–using earth tones to represent raw and realness. The basket bag is from a night market in Vietnam.




Spring ’18: Matching Set and Clear Jacket

The final look of my mini spring collection! As you know, this collection is about hard work balanced with tranquility and peace.

all photos by: Martin b.

The color for the matching set is inspired by Green Calcite crystal, a mental healer that alleviates negative thoughts and helps restore balance to the mind. It’s my favorite crystal to meditate with when I’m feeling stressed or I need let go of things that I can’t control. In the featured image, I placed the calcite on the stool 🙂 This crystal works perfectly with the theme.

I designed the pants to be cropped and loose, to let your legs breathe especially if you are running errands. The pants are also super fun to dance in.

Inspired by one of Vogue’s instagram captions, “forget may flowers it’s about april showers,” I added a raincoat. I made it with clear vinyl so you can see the set. It also gives it a “avant garde” vibe.


For the jacket, I designed a front, back, sleeves, and 2 piece hood to make the pattern.

For the top, I made a back piece, straps, 2 side pieces, and a middle part. And for the bottom, I made it super simple with just front and back pieces with a waist facing. This top gave me a chance to practice my button holes and I think I’m getting better.


I’ve got new projects in the works for summer! But first, a break. As much as I love to work, I need some tranquility. 🙂

I hope you like the last look!


all photos by: Martin b. 

Spring ’18: A-line Top with Hooded Mini-Dress

My mini collection is coming together.

Here’s Look #3: a plaid a-line top cinched with 2 straps tied onto key rings and a pastel purple mini hooded dress. My friend Nayeli, who I’ve known since middle school, is the model. She’s actually modeled before when love, laur was a baby for the Hazel Grace Dress. Back then, we took five pictures, laughed a bunch, and called it a day.

When I first started love, laur I took characters from books and movies, created outfits, and reimagined them to look like my friends (that is: people of color). So Nayeli played the brown version of Hazel Grace from the Fault in Our Stars.  Representation is  something that’s important for me–and I want to use POC models for my designs as much as possible.

Lately I’ve been learning more about Filipino representation and admiring artists such as Ruby Ibarra. I’ve been listening to her music on repeat! Brown Out is my favorite because it’s super relatable for me, especially because she raps about colorism in the Filipino community.

Now back to Nayeli and Look #3.

left side details || all photos by martin b.

A quick recap of this collection: I’m creating looks that balance of peace and tranquility with a hard-working sensibility. The pastel purple and slouchiness of the top connects to the soft, laid back aspect. The hard-working elements are the ACE hardware key-rings (which I used in look 2), everyday hood, stiff structure of the dress, business-like plaid pattern, and the sneakers.


The process:

I made the patterns pieces and then made sample pieces out of muslin–you know the drill. I needed to have the pattern pieces for the a-line top longer; originally it was a curve but I made it into a diagonal line. Then for the dress the only adjustment was a bigger hood. It was my first time making a hood. 🙂

opps forgot to show the straps!!

Both the front and back of the shirt have seams down the middle. When I made the pattern pieces I had a pieces for the shorter half, then one for the longer then straps. For the dress I finished the arm holes with bias tape.


I’m working on Look 4 next. Stay tuned!


all photos by: martin b.


Spring ’18: Cropped Jacket and Oversized Paper Bag Pants

Here we are, look #2: a cropped yellow jacket with key rings on the sleeves and textured high-waisted over-sized paper bag pants with a long belt. My friend Semira who I’ve known since middle school was such a great model–she was a natural!!

I first talked about this collection in my post for Coveralls (look #1): It’s all about a hardworking woman having a balanced life with peace and tranquility.

“Hardworking” is shown through elements like the key rings in the cuffs (from Ace Hardware), the structure and rigid lines of the jacket, and the sneakers she’s wearing. The soft pastel yellow of the jacket and the loose, easy-going pants represent “peace and tranquility.”

all photos by Martin B.
darts on the back of the pants and cuff detailing

I wanted to make an everyday jacket with a tough, motorcycle jacket feel. I used key rings again they were inspired by the coveralls. For the pants, I used a white, textured cotton and included a side zipper so it’s easy to take on and off.  I added a matching extra long belt for a streetwear vibe.


The process:

I made my own pattern for both pieces. To double check if they worked well, I made samples again using muslin. Initially, the jacket was too cropped so I had to make the middle pieces longer; and the crotch was too short on the pants (camel toe is a no!). I also did a lot of topstitching on the jacket, and I’m starting to feel more comfortable doing so.


For fabric, I went to my favorite place, Discount Fabrics, and bought a sturdy pastel yellow cotton. Originally I was looking for pastel pink but there weren’t any in the shade that I was looking for. For the pants, I bought a white cotton with a mini herringbone pattern.


For the jacket I made these pattern pieces: facing (2), cuffs (2), band, sleeves (2), collar, back yoke, front pieces (2), and a middle back piece.

Then for the pants I made these pattern pieces:  back pant legs (2), front pant legs (2), pockets (2), belt straps, waist band, and belt loops.

front pleating and side details with an invisible zipper


This was another studio shoot shot in my room on a sunny Sunday morning–this time with a roll of pink seamless paper.  Of course Martin B shot this.

I am so happy with how everything is going for this collection! Look #3 coming your way soon.


ps. Did you see the love, laur clothing label in the featured image? 🙂



High and Low

I’ve wanted to style a shoot with clothes that weren’t everyday outfits I’d wear to school. Something closer to the outfits you might see in fashion spreads in Teen Vogue or Hypebae‘s editorial page. So I got to work.

I created an inspiration board that highlighted the type of shots I wanted, like “girl gang” ones; some that mixed masculine and feminine pieces; lots of flowers, especially in the hair; a mix of hard and soft; images with natural beauty shining; and shots that were not straight on.


My initial idea was to use only hand-me-downs and thrifted items. But I was only partially successful in that because I needed more time to find things. (I’ll try that in my next shoot!)

As I styled the looks I got this High-Low effect; using more low pieces such as track pants or sneakers paired with more high pieces like a velvet jumpsuit or heels. I also incorporated some masculine pieces (mens clothing) and balanced it with feminine props such as flowers.

Upclose on layering // all photos by Martin B (ogmartino)
hard and soft


flower goddess

Behind the scenes:

bts (shot by me) of the photographer, Martin B (ogmartino)

We had a fun time on the shoot, especially since it was with my best friends. We shot in the same area where I shot my Cropped Polo.  I did learn for next time to make sure that I have shots without jackets on and I should have more shots where just 2 or 3 of them are in it.

me, hard at work
girl squad, me and the girls

Featured image: Left to Right

The first look:
Vintage Mens Guess Jeans – Hand-me-down
Orange Vintage Fila Shirt – Thrifted
Mesh Hoodie – Zara
Boots – UO

The Second look:
Camo Jacket – Thrifted
Mesh Robe – Thrifted
Yellow RL Tank – Hand-me-down
Adidas Track Pants – Hand – me – down
Heels – Rue 21

The Third look:
Floral Shirt – Hand-me-down
Banana Republic Velvet Jumpsuit – Hand-me-down
Reversible Nautica Puffer – Thrifted
Air Force 1s – Nike

The Fourth Look:
Corduroy Jacket – Thrifted
Jumpsuit – the mall
Stan Smiths – Adidas

My Look:
Cropped Cream Sweater – Thrifted
Black Coat – Hand-me-down
Bandana – Madewell
Air Max – Nike
Blue Track Pants – Thrifted


ps. I taught myself how to make my own patterns. Now I can call myself a self-taught designer 😉 Keep a eye out on @lovelaurblog to see it before it hits the site.

Cropped Polo

Love, Laur is over a year old now… that’s crazy. A few years ago I had thought about having a fashion blog, but I had no drive. But it’s interesting how much my style has changed since I started. I cannot wait for what’s yet to come.

Originally, I wanted to make this shirt in November but I kept pushing it off. I was feeling uninspired to sew or I had a lot of school work or I was busy with the holidays. The only sewing I had been doing was altering pants and shirts for my friends.

With the new year, I made a lot of goals and plans for Love, Laur. My ideas began flowing. But first, I had to go back and finally sew this shirt! Thankfully I had started the process back in November, sketching out a design and making the pattern pieces.


To make the pattern pieces I started with an old pattern (butterick 3766) that my mom got at a garage sale along with the yellow fabric. The pattern was L-XL so I measured the difference in inches between the large and extra-large pieces then multiplied it by 2. Then I took pattern paper and recreated the pieces but made them 2 times smaller, including some alterations in the bottom half of the shirt. I think this will help me with creating my own patterns later without tracing old patterns or clothing.


When it finally came to sewing the shirt, it was a breeze. It felt good to get back at it again. It was also my first time making button-holes, and I didn’t even have a button-hole foot for my machine but I figured out a way!


This is the first shoot where I styled myself 100% in clothes that I made! These plaid pants,”Rachel Plaid Pants,” are a throwback for me. I made them Spring ’17. My mom shot me in a random neighborhood in a town close by. Most of the photos were taken in front of an apartment complex. But the featured image with the plaid chair, we found that location as we drove around. There was a random chair in front of a nice lima-bean green garage–it was perfect.

As we continued to drive around we scouted locations for my next shoot (it’s going to be something exciting and different ;)).

I’m super exciting for the next couple projects that I will be posting soon!


I am styled with:
Plaid pants (that I made last spring)
Air Max 97s
A cross-body camera bag (found at my grandparents’)

Homecoming Dress 2017

I know… I haven’t posted in forever!

Since the beginning of school year I had been looking forward to homecoming. During the summer I thought what dress I’d make. But I had been over thinking it. I drew sketches and wasn’t happy with any of them.  Then a couple months ago I decided to do a simple slip dress.

I wanted to make my own pattern, but it was too risky because the only patterns I know how to make are tops. (I will definitely learn how to make more of my own patterns though.) I picked the Simplicity 8413 pattern and choose this beautiful plum colored velvet with subtle polka dots from my favorite place a.k.a, Discount Fabrics. (I love how the ladies who work there recognize me because I’m there so often.)

Despite being simple, the dress was actually somewhat difficult. I made some design changes and also had to make necessary adjustments. Originally the pattern  had a curved neckline, but I made it straight instead. I took out the front facing because it was too thick and kept folding forward. As you can see where the strap meets the dress, the corner kept coming up. For the straps, I found a similar color fabric at Discount Fabrics. I also had to resew the 18″ invisible zipper in the back because it kept puckering. This fabric had some challenges.

Sadly I don’t have any process photos because I was too excited to make the dress. And this excitement lead to rushing. And though I love my dress, I could’ve made it better if I took my time and knew how to work with the fabric better.

But I had a great time at homecoming and got many compliments on my dress 🙂 Next time I will not let my excitement get in the way of my craftsmanship.



Square Neck Cami

I figured it’s about time I ventured out and made my own patterns. So I started off with something super simple: a tank top. When I was in New York a couple months ago, I got a couple yards of yellow cotton from Fulton Fabrics and also some fun yellow braided trimming from Botani Buttons and Trimmings. (Um, did I mention my favorite color right now is yellow??)


I wasn’t sure what to do with it all… but I figured the trimming could be some cool straps for a tank top. I practiced making my own pattern by tracing a square neck tank top on some pattern paper.

making my own pattern!
the facing
the braided straps

I added 3 inches to the side seams of the traced tank top since this cotton doesn’t stretch. Then I added facing to the width of the top front and back. I also used bias tape for the arm hole.

I think I did a pretty good job considering it was my first time making a pattern and making a tank top. There are definitely some lessons I learned, like I need to line up the straps better with the edge of the seams. And the fabric was quite thin and could’ve used a lining, which makes it more of a camisole.


09-2017-Fashion-Sewing-Sophie-yellow-tank-top-looking-2 09-2017-Fashion-Sewing-Sophie-yellow-tank-top-candid

My friend Sophie is modeling the yellow cami. These modeled photos, including the ones below, were shot by Alanah Velasco (@alanahash) for FearfullyWonderfully Made (@fwmbrand). FWM is a new bay area-based brand based that encourages girls to come together in sisterhood. The founder is Michaela Ebuen. For their first sisterhood shoot, I had the honor of being asked to include my favorite pieces from the blog and to be a part of their FWM Junior Team! 🙂

Amora (@callmeamora) modeling the “Lara Jean – Kimono
Amora (@callmeamora) modeling the “Carrie – Off The Shoulder Dress


Natalie (@natalie_linan) modeling a white button-up thrift store find that I cropped and embellished with an embroidered patch from Botani Trimmings.
Michaela (@michaelaebuen) in the cropped button up and Amora (@callmeamora) in the “Color Blocked Windbreaker
Becca (@beccagep) modeling the “Ashley – Windbreaker” and Sophie modeling the “Color Blocked Windbreaker
Becca (@beccagep) in the “Wilderpeople – Wool Cropped Sweater


I love how this shoot turned out. And I have say it’s really cool to see them style and wear my designs!


Camo Cargo Pants

Camo pants have been trending in street style lately. When I searched for them, I couldn’t find ones I liked or I couldn’t find ones that were my size. So I had an idea, “Why not make my own!” but it was just an idea I kept in the back of my head.


While sifting through Discount Fabrics as usual, I was picking up corduroy for my Corduroy Overalls Dress. Next to the corduroy there were different options of camouflage! I picked the blue one since it was more different oppose to the green, yellow, orange and black/white ones I’ve seen everyone wearing lately.


pattern & pinning

I used the pattern: new look 6055. It was super simple. Making the side pockets was kind of difficult but I learned something new! I didn’t make any adjustments this time besides not putting elastic at the bottom. I just left it as a regular hem. If I find drawstring I might add it on the inside of the hem.

The Shoot:

My friend Martin who has shot for me multiple times before, shot these pants for me. Conveniently we did it local in the same area I usually shoot a lot of my pieces in; which will probably be the last time we shoot there for a while.




07-2017-Fashion-Sewing-Blue-Camo-Cargo-Pants-Back-Profile 07-2017-Fashion-Sewing-Blue-Camo-Cargo-Pants-Front 07-2017-Fashion-Sewing-Blue-Camo-Cargo-Pants-Pockets-Side-Profile-Detail


I am styled with:
Air Max 90s Pinnacle – color violet ash
black shirt – H&M

All Photos by Martin b.
Featured image edit by me
Pink background photo: rookie august collage kit

Check out my rookie august collage here 5/25🙂

p.s. i have a new handwritten logo 🙂

Corduroy Overalls Dress

I started wearing overalls a long time ago. I mean, when I was a baby my parents used to dress me up in overalls and a matching denim bucket hat! This year I finally fit my mom’s denim painter’s overalls from the 90’s and I love them.

I wanted to try making overalls myself, but as a dress using corduroy. While searching for fabric in New York, I couldn’t find any corduroy even at Mood! When I came back to the bay, I went to my usual, Discount Fabrics. They only had 2 colors of corduroy but I really liked this grey-ish/purple-ish corduroy.



I used burda young 6538 for my pattern. Before starting I decided that I was going to put actual overalls buckles. (I got mine from Botani Trimmings in New York). I made some adjustments to the pattern. I made the silhouette more boxy instead of bell-shaped. I changed the straps so they were longer and less thick by finishing the edges by folding 1/4″ inwards. I also put the pockets on the sides instead of the front like a sweatshirt pocket.

another invisible zipper
pockets according to intsructions
instead i put the pockets on the side
the front part
the back part
strap according to pattern was too chunky so i had to scrap it and make my own
straps, redesigned
the back



The shoot:

08-2017-Sewing-fashion-Corduroy-Overalls-dress-side-profile  08-2017-Sewing-fashion-Corduroy-Overalls-dress-no-jacket-3  08-2017-Sewing-fashion-Corduroy-Overalls-dress-arms-crossed


PS. I made a new handwritten logo!

I styled myself with:
Striped Long Sleeve-  Zara
Vintage Fila Shirt- Brooklyn Flea
Camo Jacket – Forever 21
Stan Smiths

Featured Image:
Edit – me
Featured photo – meg i.
Background – me